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We all know that most people looking to buy a home search online before contacting a REALTOR®. In fact, according to recent stats, more than 80% of all homebuyers are searching online. That is a large part of your target market – and it’s important that you reach them and begin to build a trust relationship before your competition does.

These days, buyers don’t just look in their current neighbourhoods; they also search in adjacent communities or cities. Real estate prices are driving many buyers out of places like Vancouver and into the Fraser Valley – and they now look for location first and select communities that best fit their lifestyle. Then, after previewing homes online, they choose the best agent they trust (this could be you!) to guide them through to purchasing the right home, in the right community, at the right price for their family.

The same can be said when it comes to selling – people look for the most capable agent who specializes within their community and has the best marketing tools. The REALTOR® who best reflects and embodies the neighbourhood becomes the agent to sell or help to purchase their home.   The CityPOV REALTOR® Solution ( offers agents a full marketing package that you can’t get anywhere else. That’s no sales pitch – it’s a fact.

We have spent the past two years in development, creating online tools that are set to push “Community First” realtors into the lead. What we offer is so much more than “just a website” – it includes a CREA-driven, professionally designed, mobile-friendly site that is SEO optimized. It is also packed full of community content including local news, census information, schools, crime stats and events. This hyper-local content brands you as the local expert – engaging those moving from one neighbourhood to another, from another city to yours, or even from across the country or around the world – to view you as the go-to REALTOR® in your area.

The CityPOV REALTOR® Solution is affordable and it works. Don’t sit back and let a competitor position him or herself as the local community expert. An affordable monthly rate puts you in that top spot and increases your leads by putting community first!

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I would love to talk to you about how we can help you to increase your lead generation.

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